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SOMETIMES one finds things where they are least expected and it was during my sojourn in the European quarter of Cairo that I found there another strange manifestation of those forces which we call supernatural, but which science may one day explain so glibly that we shall no longer regard them as such.
I discovered a remarkable young couple who lived in a street which led directly to the barracks of the British Garrison. Cairo is such a cosmopolitan hive that a single block of apartments will frequently house half a dozen different nationalities. The French are quite prominent in this quarter and this young couple had lived in Egypt for many years. The husband's name was Monsieur Eduard Ades and his wife was known as Madame Marguerite, He was gifted with some amount of hypnotic power, she being an exceptionally fine subject for his experiments. After some years of practice and training, they had arrived at a certain degree of competence in their power of demonstrating the extraordinary possibilities wlrch lie untapped within the minds and bodies of mankind. I tested them in various ways and, though most of our experiments were quite unsensational and of interest to scientific researchers alone, nevertheless there were two or three feats of a character sufficient to startle any hide-bound materialist who has never explored such possibilities.
The first feat which I shall describe was done under test conditions and even when I invited the slightly sceptical wife of a prominent British official to witness it, she was compelled to confess that it seemed a perfectly genuine demonstration, and that no theory of trickery could explain it.
The four of us sat in the simply furnished study of Monsieur Ades. The latter was a handsome man in the early thirties. His head was covered with a thick mass of wavy hair, his